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You too can detach 1 XYZ Material from this card to detach the entire XYZ Supplies from monsterS (I capitalized the S for monsters to emphasize GoEuro Rabattcode greater than 1) after which Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon positive aspects 500 ATK for every XYZ Materials indifferent by this impact.

When a monster declares an assault, you'll be able to detach 1 XYZ Materials from Number 39: Utopia to negate that assault. On the card, it says "remove from play"), White Horned Dragon features 300 ATK. Additionally, when The Wicked Avatar is Regular Summoned, your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Lure Playing cards for two turns.

When Summoned, banish as much as 5 Spell Playing cards in your opponent's Graveyard. If the strongest monster is a Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK), then The Wicked Avatar would have 3100 ATK and 3100 DEF. White Stone of Legend lets you add 1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon out of your Deck to your hand while Burst Stream of Destruction lets you destroy all monsters your opponent controls in the event you management a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Blue Eyes White Dragon is stronger than Red-Eyes White Dragon in both ATK and DEF making Blue-Eyes White Dragon the better card. Pink-Eyes Black Dragon has no impact, however there are many cards that work effectively with Purple-Eyes Black Dragon. Grenosaurus only has 2 XYZ Materials, but that also means your opponent can lose as much as 2000 life factors if Grenosaurus destroys 2 of your opponent's monsters by battle.

Just like Quantity 25: Pressure Focus, Photon Strike Bounzer negates your opponent's monster's results, however there are some differences. You can not Particular Summon this card from your Graveyard. I play Blast Sphere when my opponent has quite a lot of sturdy monsters.

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